Welcome to PiQStudios!

PiQ is a special union
between print and digital media.


a tricky video that you can read & explore by turning its "pages" instead of watching it!


through the content and experience its third dimension without losing your focus!


with the usual html-elements, like texts, function buttons, images and more!

The cutting edge marketing tool

PiQ provides you tomorrow’s most innovative opportunity to present your company's products, services or even the whole company
– let's say: Your Story!

Our DYNAMIC MEDIUM not only grabs and holds, but also guides your audience’s attention.

The viewers of PiQ are not prompted to move on or to open up a new tab: every single function, nuance and detail can be included.

PiQ effectively unites recent media technologies and traditional information channels to the same degree.

How it works?

  • Embeddable in any website
  • Complete website design based on PiQ
  • Easy navigation with the arrow keys or by swiping on touchscreens
  • Looping playback on PiQpoints
  • HTML functions
Please note: each PiQ loads data of 30-50MB. The PiQPlayer is designed to run stable on Android devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above just as smoothly as on iOS devices with iOS 7 and above. iOS standards don’t allow full screen on specific devices. Older devices can also run the PiQPlayer, altough bugs and stability problems can occur. The supported browsers on desktop computers are: Chrome 48+, Firefox 44+, Opera 35+, Safari 9+, Edge 12+

PiQ Showroom

We have been working on PiQ since 2015. The first period was about to experiment the possible ways, to try some possibilities where and how we can start to make our vision come true. Here we have collected a few of our works we have completed so far.

PiQture Your Story!

How it's made?

Producing PiQ is a multifaceted operation with 4 main steps of the production process..


  • Uncovering and understanding Your needs
  • Producing an initial storyboard
  • Agreement about the deadlines and pricing


  • Filming and photographing the desired scenes according to the storyboard.
  • Agreement about the final scenes


  • "Binding" the scenes together into a seamless sequence
  • Exporting the sequence for the PiQPLAYER


  • PiQ setup (PiQpoints, html-content, ev. functions)
  • Transferring to the desired place

PiQ can be viewed essentially as a Youtube video and embedded on any website or provided offline per request.

Since every PiQ has a unique lenght, complexity and functionality, the pricing depends on your needs.

PiQture your story!

It’s really easy to get started, so drop us short message including Your business’ profile and the services and/or the products you would like to PiQture!

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Meet the PiQHeads!

Do you have any thoughts, instances or questions about PiQ?

Drop us a line to hello@piqstudios.com, and we’ll get right back to you!